Moving installations

See also: Moving installations using the app

In order to move an installation you must have either:
  • been the one who added the installation to the project, or
  • a Manager or Administrator role in the project

Moving an installation that already has records associated with it

If you are physically moving an installation that already has records associated with it, best practice is to “retire” the installation and create a new one in the new location. This keeps old records correctly associated with the old location.
If you wish, you can create the new installation with the same name.
The retired locations can be viewed by setting the "retired" filter in map views and reports.

Moving an installation that has been incorrectly located on the project map

If an installation is incorrectly located on your project map (or you want to adjust the location for another reason):
  1. Select the installation you want to relocate from either a list of installations, or by clicking on it on a map