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Radio sensor equipped traps enables trappers to remote monitor devices (traps, bait stations etc.) using sensors from a growing number of providers. For the trapper on the ground this means a heads up of sensors events in the app and opt-in notifications via the app and email.

For project coordinates it offers an overview all sensor devices across one of more projects. This provides not only trap status but also early incursion warning, accountability for funders, and the social benefits of knowing when to start the kōrero with trappers.

All sensor statuses are viewable in the sensor reports, all your sensors providers data in one place.

Please contact us to become a sensor service provider.



The website displays the current status with the following icons:

  • Sensor active Active (currently transmitting)
  • Sensor sprung Active and has sent a sprung event.  The trap will show as sprung until a record has been added to indicate it has been reset
  • Inactive (the sensor is not transmitting)
  • Inactive and sprung (stopped transmitting while still in a sprung state

Note: image-1651615273589.png Indicates a regular trap (no radio sensor attached).