Installations (Traps, Bait Stations, Monitoring Stations and POIs)

Traps, Bait Stations Monitoring Stations and POIs (Points of Interest) are all types of installations - the fundamental parts of the Trap.NZ system. New Traps overview page is always looking for ways to help the usability of our product, to aid this the new trap overview page has been developed

For video help, click the youtube link here

The first noticeable change is the filters section under the station tabs which is now collapsed by default, keeping them out of the way until you need them.


When you select the filters it opens up to allow you to select the options you are wanting to change


You can also switch between viewing traps as a map or table by selecting the tabs above the map


The new map has a variety of options that the old map didn’t.

You can now use your mouse to scroll in and out of the map.