Adding lines

How to add a line to your project

  1. Select your project from your My Projects list.
  2. Click on the Lines section of your project.
  3. Select Add line from the Lines menu.
  4. Enter the details for the line (required fields are indicated by *).
    • Line name*: Give the line a descriptive name
    • Line type*: Lines can be used to group any combination of traps, bait stations and/or monitoring stations.  Select the types of stations which will be on this line (you can select more than one choice by holding down the control on your keyboard while clicking).
    • Select colour: Choose which colour you want the line to be on the map.
    • Location: Lines don’t require a physical location on the Trap.NZ system - some projects use lines simply to group installations together, though most often they are used to follow a physical track or path.

      There are three different ways to add a line location:
      1. Using the map:
        1. Use the tool at the bottom of the map to draw the line on the map
        2. Double-click to finish drawing.
        3. If the line is not in the right place, delete it using the "Delete features" button, and re-draw the line.
      2. Using the Data field below the map:
        • The Data field allows you to cut and paste shape data in WKT format recorded from the App, or from GIS systems such as ArcGIS or Quantum.  If you add WKT here it will be used instead of the map drawing.
      3. Using GPX:
        • If you have a GPX file for the line, you can upload it then click the "Place line using GPX file" button to place the line on the map. Note that the GPX file should contain a route or track log, not installation locations or points. 
  5. Click the green "Save" button at the bottom of the page

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