App: Checking the sync logs

To view your app logs, select Logs from the app menu.

When the Trap.NZ app is used offline (without internet access) your data is stored locally on the device until you have internet access again. Your data is synced automatically once an internet connection is available.

Logs show the sync status of your data:

  • Synced (safely on the Trap.NZ website)
  • Queued (to be be synced as soon as internet access is restored), or
  • Failed to sync (something went wrong with the syncing)

The cloud icon indicates items that are queued and have yet to be synced with the Trap.NZ website.

When you click on an entry, the data for that entry will be shown.

  • If an entry has synced, you will see a button to “View Online”, which directs you to the website where you can view and edit the entry.
  • If an entry has failed, you can view the failed message here, and use the retry button to try syncing it again

View your project log

  1. Click on the hamburger menu in the top right corner of your project map to open the app menu
  2. Select "Logs" from the app menu

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