How to bulk load tracks and traps from DNR Garmin?

Rodney Bethel, a Senior GIS Analyst at Palmerston North City Council, has kindly provided us with a document describing how to bulk load tracks and traps into Trap.NZ.

> Loading Tracks and Bulk Loading Traps into Trap.NZ from the PC

Table of Contents
  1. Download DNR Garmin
  2. DNR Garmin Setup
  3. Preparing the Shapefile for conversion
  4. Converting Shapefile Tracks (Lines) into GPX
  5. Importing GPX Track file into Trap.NZ
  6. Preparation for “Bulk Loading” Predator Traps into Trap.NZ:
    • Trap Preparation
    • Create the CSV from DNR Garmin Conversion
    • The Trap NZ CSV Template
  7. Importing CSV Trap file into TRAP NZ 


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