Is my project data shared?

None of your project data is shared without your permission (please see our privacy policy). However we very much hope that you will give us permission to share summarised data from your project. Sharing summarised data from your project helps the national dataset grow and allows New Zealand to make more informed decisions about how we manage pests.

Each project has two privacy settings which are accessible by going to the My Projects page, selecting your project and then clicking "Edit":

  • List this project publicly 

    Ticking this lists your project in the Trap.NZ directory.  This allows others to find and request to join your project. The name, organisation, contact details, description, links, and location fields will be visible to the public. Personal details will remain private.

  • Share summary data

    Ticking this allows us to share summarised data from your project (e.g. the number of traps, catch counts, baits used, the approximate area managed etc). Information is aggregated at a 200m x 200m grid level.  This makes it difficult for anyone to determine the exact of traps and stations.

Detailed trap or station information such as names, notes, photos and "recorded by" fields are not shared. Likewise, profile information such as member names and addresses are not shared. These are private to your project.

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