Managing member assignments

Assign members to installations

By default, members with the Trapper or Advanced trapper role can only make changes to installations which they have added to the project. If you want someone with these roles to be able to make changes to other installations, you can assign additional installations to them:

  1. Go to My projects and click on the name of the project you want to manage
  2. Go to the Traps, Bait stations or Monitoring menu, then click Manage traps, Manage bait stations or Manage stations.
  3. (optional) Use the filters to filter your installation list (e.g. filter by line by selecting the line from the Line filter), then click Apply
  4. In the Operations box select Assign members in the dropdown
  5. Select the tick boxes next to the traps you want to add members to
  6. Click Execute
  7. Click on the Select members to assign dropdown and choose which members you want to add to the previously selected traps
  8. Click Next and review your changes
  9. Click Confirm

These members will now be able to add, edit, and delete records for the selected stations (and edit the station details).

Unassign members from installations

To remove a member's access to an installation, repeat the above steps but choose Unassign Members at step 3. 

Remember that members with Manager or Administrator roles will always have access to all stations - you cannot remove their access to particular stations.

    View member assignments to installations

    1. Go to My projects and click on the name of the project you want to manage
    2. Go to the Traps menu, then Manage traps
    3. At the far right of the each row in the traps table you will see a message which says X member(s) assigned
    4. Click on the X member(s) assigned to see the names assigned to that trap


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