Managing member permissions

There are four roles which project members can have within a Trap.NZ project: Trapper, Advanced trapper, Manager, and Administrator (note that some roles were renamed in November 2021). Roles are used to grant assorted permissions to project members.

By default, all new members are assigned as Trapper and can be given broader permissions by an Administrator of the project.

Description of role permissions


How to tell what role you have in a project

How to change a member's role

Changing a member's role can only be done by a project administrator.

  1. Go to the My projects menu and click on the name of the project you want to manage
  2. Click the "Members" tab
  3. Find the person whose role you want to change and click "Edit" to the far right of their name
  4. Under "Roles", select the dropdown and choose the new role you would like to assign
  5. Click the "Update membership" button


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