Bait station records


Defaults to the current date and time. Tap it to change it.

Target species 

Select a species from the list or leave as None.


Select a bait formulation from the list.

Active ingredient 

Select the active ingredient for the bait from the list.

Concentration % 

Enter the % concentration of the active ingredient.

Bait remaining

Drag the slider to select the amount of bait remaining when you checked it.

Bait removed

Drag the slider to select the amount of bait removed after checking.

Bait added

Drag the slider to select the amount of bait added after you checked it.


Add any notes about the check here.

updating installations (2).png

bait 3 (2).png














Installation details 

Tapping this will display additional details about the installation and display the "Add collocated installation" button. This allows you to create another installation at the same location. You can pin this open by checking the Display installation details checkbox in General settings.

bait 4 (2).png

When saved, the record indicator at the top will turn green, as will the border around the station on the map.


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