Creating a static hex project map

The static project hex map is useful for projects to show an audience your project/projects catches in an interactive way


To use the hex map ensure your project has been selected to list publicly and share summary data  (you can find this information in the project page edit.)2022-08-18 11_28_06-Untitled document - Google Docs.png


Use the URL in the format below. Just remove the numbers and add your project ID number to display your project static hex map

And if you are wanting to display bird counts[109200,380101,967870,420471,173214,183460]&birds

2022-08-18 11_29_15-Untitled document - Google Docs.png

Access your project page and copy the project number from the URL (you will find this when your project is open)

2022-08-18 11_29_46-Untitled document - Google Docs.png

Paste the project code between the brackets at the end of the address, you can display multiple projects by adding project the project numbers in the brackets with commas and no spaces  


2022-08-18 11_30_07-Untitled document - Google Docs.png

Your hex map will open and you will be able to view the catches of your project

2022-08-18 11_30_33-Untitled document - Google Docs.png

You can filter the catches and traps to reflect the catch you are wanting to display