Moving installations between projects

The instructions below outline how to move traps between projects. The process is basically the same for moving bait stations and monitoring stations, just replace the word "trap" with "bait station" or "monitoring station". You can also move lines and POIs in the same way.

Here is the link to the video instructions

Installations can be moved between projects only by a user who is an administrator of both projects.

Moving traps between projects

  1. From the "My projects" page, select the project you want to move traps away from

  2. Click on the "Traps" section

  3. Click on "Manage traps"

  4. Select the checkboxes for the traps you want to move to another project

  5. Select "Move selected traps to another project" from the dropdown "Operations" menu

  6. Click the "Execute" button

  7. Select the "Target project" (the project you want to move the traps to) from the dropdown menu

  8. Click the "Next" button

  9. Check the list of traps to move, and click "Confirm" to move them to the new project


Please note, when you move the installations the lines do not move with them these have to be moved separately. If you import the installations to the new project via a csv file, the records attached to the installations will not transfer to the new project.


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