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Adding a Collocated Installation

To add a collocated installation

Collocated installations are installations located in the same place - for example:

  • a trap and a monitoring site at the same location
  • a double-set trap
  • traps for different species in one spot.

Same place means having exactly the same coordinates (longitude, latitude.)

To add a collocated installation, you can simply copy the coordinates from one installation to another. We recommend you use the app however as this is simplifies the process.

These instructions assume you already have at least one installation at the desired location in your project. If not, follow the instructions for adding an installation above.

When you're logged in to the app and are looking at your project map:

  1. Log in to the app, and select your project - the project map will load 
  2. Tap on the existing installation at the desired location - the record form for that installation will load
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the form, and tap on "Add collocated installation"
  4. Select which type of installation you want to add
  5. Enter the details for this installation in the form that loads
  6. Press and hold the "Save" button to save this installation. It will be located at the same coordinates as the original installation.

add collocated installation.jpg

If you have not selected "display installation details" in the settings menu of the app you will see this screen. To open the options as shown above, click on the  "installation details" 

additional installation details.PNG