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Adding a Project to an Organisation

Trap.NZ Organisations are used by groups who trap in multiple geographic regions but want easier ways to:

  • manage members across their projects
  • run reports across their projects

Organisations are usually used by government departments and councils, however, they are available to be used by any group that would find them helpful.

Joining an Organisation 

If you are the administrator for the project you can select the project (via the trap.NZ website) and select edit

1 (2).png

Once the edit window opens up select extra

2 (2).png

Now select Your Organisations


You can now select the Organisation you want the project to be part of.


Non-admin request to become part of an Organisation


If wanting a project that you are not an administrator for to be part of an Organisation you will need to go to your My account and select the Organisation

After doing this you need to then select members -

4 (2).png

email invites, the invite will have to be to the administrator of each project and they will have to accept that  they are wanting to be part of the Organisation