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Adding and removing Organisation projects

In order to add or remove projects to an Organisation, you must be both the project's Administrator, and a member of the Organisation.

Adding a project to an Organisation

For each of the projects you want to add to an Organisation:
  1. Go to the "Edit project" page
  2. In the "Extra (optional)" section, is a field where you can select which Org(s) you want to add that project to. See the bottom right of the screenshot below, where I'm editing "Demo Project A"
  3. Select the Org(s) you want this project to belong to from this section
  4. Click the green "Save" button at the bottom of the page
  5. This project is now part of the Org you selected

Removing a project from an Organisation

Follow the steps above, and de-select the Org from the "Your Organisations" field that you want to remove your project from. If you want to remove the project from all Orgs, select "None"