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Camera monitoring



Standard trap trap.png
Tracking tunnel monitoring tunnel.png Standard trap sprung std trap sprung.png
Wax block monitoring wax.png Sensor trap -Active (has an active heartbeat and is set) active.png
Chew card monitoring chew.png

Sensor trap -Active sprung (has an active heartbeat and is sprung)

active sprung.png
Monitoring can also be depicted as an orange dot POI.png

Sensor trap -Inactive (unable to communicate and set)

Bait station bait stn.png

Sensor trap -Inactive sprung

(unable to communicate and sprung)

inactive sprung.png
Point of interest -

as these are assigned a colour by the installer of the installation a POI can be depicted by any of the following


The new trap icons

To align with the mobile phone app the icons have been changed to

trap 8.png
Sensor Trap - active 9.png
Sensor trap - active & sprung 10.png
Sensor trap - inactive 11.png