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App wont open - says “Login requires network coverage”

The app occasionally has an issue where it will not open and gives a message that it requires network coverage, even when you have reception.

This is a reply from an app user who found this worked for his Android phone


In our case this issue turned out to be about SSL certificates. The certificates installed on the Android device did not pick up the recent (2020?) changes to the root SSL certificate providers.

To test if you have the same problem as us, try the following:

Open a browser on your device and navigate to
→ Trap NZ website should open OK
In the browser, navigate to
→ If you get an invalid SSL certificate error. Then you have the same problem as me.


On older versions of Android, the only way to update root certificates is via official Android software updates. You can generally do this by performing an ‘over the air’ Android software update from the Android settings menu, but in our case, we had to follow the manufacturer’s instructions (Zebra in our case) and manually load an updated Android OS image via a PC.