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App: Understanding the project map

Labelled app map

Map Icons

  Serviced today Within service period

Outside service period /
no records 



Trap icon (checked)

Trap icon (active) 


Bait station


Bait station

Bait station icon

Bait station 

Monitoring station


Monitoring station icon

Monitoring station icon

Monitoring station icon

Bird count site


Bird count site Bird count site N/A


Layers menu

Tap the layers icon to view your Layer options.

App layers menu

Initially, only the Filters options are available, which allow you to select which installation types are visible on the map.

You can choose additional layer menu options under General Settings (such as the topographic base map, city and street labels and parcel boundaries). See more about the available layers.Optional map settings

When these extra options are visible, you can also choose between streets and topographic maps.Layers menu with more options visible

  Tap the close drawer icon to close the layers menu.



Use the search tool to find installations by name.  As you type, all installations with matching text are listed. 

You can then tap the installation name to view it on the map, or click the edit icon image-1648079149061.jpeg to add a new record to it.

Using the search bar to filter installations by name