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Setting up a Bird count monitoring station

After undertaking pest eradication in an area, you will see a decline in catches and bait take, however, another way to see if there has been an improvement is to complete regular bird counts. phone app has a bird count function to help you complete this.

A bird count should be held at the same time, date, and season as previously,  however, any monitoring that is taking place is good, and will still show changes. The protocol for the 5-minute bird count is here


To set up a Bird count station

You will need to add a monitoring station either via the phone app or website and select “monitoring type” - bird count.

Setting up a Bird-count station via the website


Click the install tab on the bottom right of the map window


web 1.png




Adding a bird count monitoring station via the mobile phone app

Click the install tab on the bottom right of the map window



Click the green tick that has opened up


Select the option of the monitoring station


Complete the code name, open the monitoring type, and select bird count



Save your new bird count monitoring station


The bird count station will display on the app as a bird


For instructions on how to use the bird count click here