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Assigning members to installations on a line

Only users with an "Administrator" role in a project can access these tools.

By default, members with the Trapper or Advanced Trapper role can only add records to installations which they have added to the project themselves. If you want someone with these roles to be able to add records to other installations, you can assign existing installations to them.

Before you start, make sure all the installations already belong to the line you want to work with.

The instructions below describe how to assign all the traps on a line to project members. The same instructions can be used to assign other installation types, just replace the word "trap" with the appropriate installation type.

How to assign the traps on a line to a member(s)

  1. From the "My projects" page, select the project you want to manage
  2. Click on the "Traps" section

  3. Click on "Manage traps"

  4. Select which line you want to add members to from the Line dropdown filter
  5. Click the green "Apply filter" button
  6. Select the checkboxes for all the traps you want to add members to. If you want to select all the traps on the line in one go, tick the checkbox at the top of the checkbox column, to the left of the "Number/Code" heading - this will select all the traps visible on the table. If you have more than one page of traps for this line, and you want to add members to them all, click the black button at the top of the table that says "Select all xx rows in this view". 
  7. In the "Operations" dropdown box, select "Assign members" in the dropdown
  8. Click "Execute"
  9. From the "Select members to assign" dropdown, choose which project members you want to add to the previously selected traps.
  10. Click "Next" and review your changes
  11. Click "Confirm"

These members will now be able to add, edit, and delete records for the selected traps, and edit the trap details.