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How can I enter GPS coordinates for installation locations?

If you have GPS coordinates, you can enter them into the Manual Coordinates box when adding an installation. Then click the “Find using manual coordinates field” button to place the location on the map before saving the installation.



Note that the coordinates must be in decimal Lat, Long:
e.g. ​-41.545769706106, 172.15099409223

Or in NZTM format (New Zealand Transverse Mercator):
e.g. 1763693.1614139 5459118.2077669

If the coordinates are in another format or projection you will need to convert them first.

How to convert coordinates

LINZ have a handy converter here: 7

For example - If your coordinates are in Degrees Decimal Minutes (DDM) e.g:
172 03.4 E 41 20.8 S

Then you will need to convert them to Decimal Degrees (DD) first: