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App: Project settings

App project settings

The app's Project Settings menu can be accessed from the app menu.

Synchronise Project 

Normally, changes to projects are synced automatically. For example - if someone else adds a trap or bait station to a project, this will become visible in the app within a few minutes. 

Clicking this button will immediately flush the project cache and force a refresh of the entire project.

Tile management

Get missing map tiles

This will download any missing map tiles for the project.

Refresh map tiles

This will re-download the map tiles for the project. This is usually not necessary but if your map has gaps in it then this button may help to download them.

Max tile set size

This is the number of megabytes dedicated to the map tile set of this project. 

If you need better resolution on the map you can increase this value at the cost of space on your device. Equally if you are concerned about lack of space on your device and don't need the map detail, you can decrease this value.

If in doubt leave it at the default (100).

The Hi-Res zoom limit indicates which zoom level the tiles will start to degrade at. The maximum zoom is 21, so if yours says 13 / 21, the map will get increasingly fuzzy as you zoom beyond zoom level 13.