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Proximity servicing adjustments

The detection zone for automated installation servicing based on proximity can be adjusted to suit your needs and your GPS accuracy. There are limitations based on geography and available satellites. These adjustments are there to help but cannot work around all issues.

General notes on phone GPS accuracy, what to expect, how to improve results.

 For android phones

The phone needs to have:

  1. The location services set to While in Use, or Always On (Android, iOS)
  2. Have battery optimisation turned off for the app (Android.)

For recording tracks and using Line Walk features, failing to do use Always On will mean no tracks are not recorded when the app is in the background (i.e. in your pocket.)

Where accuracy is very low, it can help to set the Proximity Max Distance higher. This will mean more installations are serviced in error, so more care is required in the review process. Equally setting it finer means installations will be missed. Trial and error and personal preference will dictate how this is set.







Disabling GPS mode

In some circumstances it will be more appropriate to temporarily turn off the GPS servicing via the GPS toggle button (see below.)

With the GPS Servicing turned off, the GPS track is still recording, but installations within range won't be automatically serviced.

Examples of turning it off might be you've run out of fresh rabbit so can't service the last 20 traps, or the weather has turned bad, so you head home early. Generally you'll want a complete record of where you went and how long it took. This gives you the opportunity to prevent the installations from being automatically serviced.