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How do I use the map tools?

Moving around the map

  • You can pan around the map by clicking and dragging anywhere on the map.
  • Use the zoom buttons (+ and -) in the top left corner to zoom in and out of the map.


Understanding the toolbar 

There is a toolbar at the bottom of the map. You can see the name of each tool by hovering the mouse over the icon. The first map tool section will vary depending on what part of the website you are looking at.


map_controls_point.png Draw a point Visible for Traps, Bait Stations, Monitoring Stations, and Points of Interest
map_controls_line.png Draw a line Visible for Lines and Points of Interest
map_controls_polygon.png Draw a polygon Visible for Projects and Points of Interest. See "Drawing a polygon" below.
map_controls_edit.png Edit features Use to edit something already drawn on the map
map_controls_delete.png Delete features Use to delete everything already drawn on the map

    Drawing a polygon

    1. To start drawing a shape on the map, click on the polygon tool to activate it (you will see the blue around the icon get slightly darker).
    2. With the polygon tool active, click on the corners of the area that you want to manage.  This will define the boundaries of your trapping project.  
    3. On the last corner, double-click to finish the drawing. The outline of the shape will complete and change to green.image-1631841292901.14.36.png

    Editing the polygon shape

    If you didn't get the shape quite right you can change it:

    • Click on the "Edit features" tool 
    • Now click inside the shape you drew and the outline will turn blue
    • Hover the mouse over the edge of your shape and a small black circle will appear
    • By clicking and dragging on the black circle you can adjust the boundary of the project
    • When you are done adjusting, click the "Edit features" tool again and the outline will return to greenimage-1631841327237.15.05.png

      Starting over

      If your drawing has gone wrong and you'd like to start over, you can do this at any time by clicking the "Delete features" tool.