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Finding a project to join

A project allows a group of people to collaborate on managing installations within a geographical area.

Hopefully, there is already an existing project close to the area you are interested in joining.  

After verifying your account you can contact the organiser of the nearby project and ask for permission to join.

Or create your own by selecting an area you will be monitoring 

For video help, click the youtube link here

Joining a project

1. Select the find projects tab


2. This will open a map of New Zealand, choose the area you are wanting your project to be located in, and This will open up the projects in that area selected. or search for the project by name if you know it.


3. Once you select an area the map will zoom into any discoverable projects in that area. If you click on the blue flag icon it will open to reveal the name of the project.


4. Once you have made your selection it will open a map of the project and give you the option “request to join project”


5. You can now add a personal message


6. After your request to join a project is accepted you will receive a message welcoming you and explaining how to get started.