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Can I record ad-hoc kills on Trap.NZ?

In the event that a pest is killed by something other than a trap (e.g. roadkill, killed by cat/dog/firearm etc.), it can be useful to record this data as part of your project.

Currently, there's no direct way of recording these in Trap.NZ, but clever folks have found a way around it.

To record ad-hoc kills on Trap.NZ

  1. Create a trap in your project (anywhere in your project is fine)
  2. Call it something like "cat" or "dog" or "firearm" or "ad-hoc" etc.
  3. Give it trap type "Unspecified"
  4. Record "catches" on that trap

If you want to record multiple kills on this trap, you can do this on the website by changing the "Strike" count field.